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Jibe CEO “Hate’s Big Data”

You might be surprised to hear that Jibe CEO Joe Essenfeld recently revealed a distaste for the term Big Data. But “Big Data” is a buzzword, often used incorrectly, and isn’t really what recruiters today need. The talent acquisition professionals we know want a clear picture of their recruiting efforts. They want to know what’s working and what’s not, where their candidates are coming…

YOU MAKE ME SICK! (said the candidiate to the recruiter).

I like words. I probably like them too much. I spend a lot of time thinking about words and the meanings they hold. Awesome. RT @RecruitingBlogs: What Recruiters Really Want To Say To Candidates by @lisarokusek: http://t.co/ShG1EQ7bex #TChat #TalentNet — Matt Charney (@mattcharney) March 5, 2014