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Can Your Team Recover from Workplace Drama?

Read Time1 Minute, 2 Second Heather Bussing asks, “Can a workplace recover from discrimination or harassment or whistleblower drama?” It seems that second chances are never evenly distributed and resentments have a long half-life. What can HR do?   The accusations have been investigated, everyone has been officially interviewed, and the closed door conferences have diminished. You haven’t seen anyone from legal in days….

When Will the Staffing Industry Recover from COVID-19?

In a recent webinar series, we invited industry leaders to take a deep-dive into the overall impact that COVID-19 has had on the staffing industry. In doing so, we were able to uncover some great perspectives from our panel of experts throughout the conversations. Our panel members included executive leadership from Randstad India, Quess Corp, Whitridge Associates, SoftWorld, PERSOLKELLY, and other notable industry voices…

How Do You Recover From a Crappy Day?

James Harden, arguably one of the top five players in the NBA this season, set a record for the most turnovers in a playoff game.  EVER.  13 terrible, 7th-grade-nightmare-type turnovers like dribbling off your foot with 40 seconds to go in the 4th quarter. As a result of his really, really crappy day, the Rockets were eliminated by the Warriors.  How will James recover?…