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Most Employers Are Adapting their Talent Acquisition Practices to Pandemic Realities – According to New Study by the HR Research...

Read Time1 Minute, 0 Second The Covid-19 pandemic has caused organizations to take action in how they manage their workforces and recruitment processes.  The free research report, The State of Applicant Tracking Systems 2020, is now available for download.  The HR Research Institute, powered by HR.com, conducted the third annual study of HR professionals to better understand and track the state of recruitment and…

Does Your Org Chart Reflect the New Workforce Realities?

If there is one thing that is for sure in business, it is that the future is guaranteed to no one. In order to continue to grow a sustainable and thriving business, strategic evaluation of organizational performance that anticipates the needs of both today and the future will keep your organization on track to optimally perform and adapt to changing market landscapes.

7 Realities for Negotiating Salaries

I think we all know that one person in our life that thinks they get the best deal on everything!  They consider themselves the ultra-negotiator, the person sales people hate to see coming! You know the person -they go and buy a $40,000 car and call and tell you how they got it for $27,000, and the car dealership actually lost money on them….