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New Tips to Increase Your LinkedIn Response Rate in 2016 by @thejobgirl

I remember when I first got access to LinkedIn Recruiter. I logged in to the tool and immediately something caught my eye… “Inmail credits: 17,148 remaining.” What!? This was a sourcers dream! I immediately put together a template and started sending out the same inmail to dozens and dozens of candidates who I thought could be a fit for my Java Developer role.

LEADERSHIP BIRTH RATE: Some Leaders Are Just More Fertile Than Others

A few months ago, I wrote about an alternative measurement of quality of leadership called Leadership Gravity.  I’ve got another one for you, but this one is about kicking the kids out of the nest rather than attracting them. Good leaders attract people to them like moths to the light you left on overnight on your back porch.  The great ones also see people leave them…