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Random Rules of Leadership

Leadershipping is hard. You try as you might to do and say the right thing, to the right person, at the right time, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it fails miserably. That’s life. Mostly we try to be the best version of ourselves, and not f*ck up to bad! We love rules. Rules are safe. If you follow them, mostly things work out….

THE TOP 20 BRANDED HR & TALENT PROS: MEET Neil Morrison from Penguin Random House UK

Let’s face it – Fearful of the spotlight and conservative to a fault, HR pros generally aren’t the best examples to look towards when it comes to professional branding. Kris Dunn (Kinetix RPO, The HR Capitalist) and Tim Sackett (HRU Technical Resources, TimSackett.com) think that needs to change.  That’s why they created this series – The Top 20 Branded HR Pros(sponsored by the team at…

Tim Sackett shares The Top 20 Branded HR & Talent Pros: Meet Neil Morrison From Penguin Random House UK

Let me introduce you to HR Pro Neil Morrison!  I believe Neil is the lone non-U.S. resident on Glassdoor’s list of the Top 20 Branded HR and Talent Pros.   I’m not sure what that says about the list or Neil, but just a fact when you pull the data we did from Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Writing and Speaking background and overall brand ambassador…