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Boss Zhipin seeks to raise $912M in IPO

In a filing with the SEC on 5 June, Kanzhun, the owner of Chinese online recruitment platform Boss Zhipin, discloses it seeks to raise up to $912 million by offering 48 million ADRs at a price range between $17-$19 per share on the Nasdaq under the symbol of BZ.

Workchew Raise $2.5M for On-Demand Flex Workplaces

Workchew announced a $2.5 million Seed round of venture capital to give teams and employers access to on-demand flexible workplaces by leveraging available hotel and … The post Workchew Raise $2.5M for On-Demand Flex Workplaces appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Sinequanon (SQN) Plans USD$25 Million Series-B Capital Raise

ZURICH–Sinequanon (SQN), the Zurich-based behavioral analytics firm, plans to raise USD$25 million in Series-B funding over the next 12 months to expand its digital products, which combine artificial intelligence, behavioral science and technology to provide a data-driven operating system for human capital management and large-scale behavior change. The privately held firm, which has regional hubs in the Czech Republic and South Africa, plans to…

7 Ways to Handle an Employee’s Request for a Pay Raise

This post was originally published on this site Do you feel uncomfortable when an employee asks for a pay increase? Most leaders do.  Pause for a moment and ask yourself:  how to you think the employee felt asking? If you think it’s likely they were nervous or uncomfortable, you are right. Most people are stressed and feeling emotional when they make such requests.  Begin…

Job site LiveHire in effort to raise fresh money

Job platform LiveHire (ASX: LVH) kicked off a pre-Christmas capital-raising round via Melbourne-based stockbroker Morgans after the platform had halted trading of its shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) last Wednesday. This post is only available to members. The post Job site LiveHire in effort to raise fresh money appeared first on AIM Group.

Influence 101 – It’s Not Enough To Ask For A Raise: Understand Who You’re Asking

Raises. Of course you should ask for them. Don’t get caught thinking the market inside your company will take care of you. But with that said, let’s break down a couple of realities: 1. Only good-to-great performers really have leverage to ask for more money. If you’re not in that group, you can throw a legal fastball by somebody for equity, but it’s still likely…