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Meet Roel

Meet the people behind Qandidate.com free applicant tracking software. Ongoing series to introduce each team member to give you an insight in our people and culture. Meet Roel, our PHP developer

Qandidate.com’€™s Free Applicant Tracking Software Nominated for Two ONREC Awards

Qandidate.com, the European provider of free applicant tracking (recruitment) software is pleased to announce it has received two nominations for the ONREC awards at the ceremony for the UK online recruitment industry. Qandidate.com’€™s free applicant tracking (recruitment) software is nominated in two different award categories: The Technical Innovation Award – national supplier and Newcomer of the Year Award

From #SocialSourcing to #SocialRecruiting

From #SocialSourcing to #SocialRecruiting – As long as recruiters have been turning to the internet in a quest to find talent, there has been a constant quest to uncover the secret source. A mystical legend where some bright young things, probably living in California, would uncover the secret and invent the silver bullet. The silver bullet, of course has taken many disguises.

A chat with Qandidate.com’™s product owner

A chat with Qandidate.com’€™s product owner. This is the fourth blog post in our “meet the team” series. Today an introduction of Remy Verhoeven, who is one of the founders of Qandidate.com. Remy is Qandidate.com’€™s product owner and spends most of his time looking after the product strategy and development. Qandidate.com is the new free recruitment software, designed for happy recruiting.

The welcome mat and your candidate experience

Whenever you go to a new hotel or a new bar or even visiting a house,you get a feeling about what the place is like when you first go through the door. You form an impression on first sight about whether it is going to be interesting, or if it is going to be less than welcoming. We might consider this to be intuition,…