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EEOC Guidelines In 2016

Over the last few years, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has been cracking the whip on employers over the use of criminal background checks during hiring. The agency’s enforcement efforts were kicked off in 2012 when it published its controversial Enforcement Guidance on Use of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment

Instant Background Checks ARE Bad

Online instant background checks are a bad idea. In fact, they are basically a ticking legal time-bomb. They can easily backfire, and leave an organization in a multitude of legal problems. Here is a summary of the main reasons why the online “instant” background checks are not a great idea.

News Flash: My Background Check and I Am Boring

I volunteered to be one of the guinea pigs for this new project and told our team to throw the kitchen sink at me in terms of background screening services ordered and products used. Why they were so excited about this new challenge, I’ll never know. You’d think they just walked down the stairs on Christmas morning and saw a treasure trove of new…

4 Considerations Before Hiring Convicted Felons

While reading Orange is the New Black recently, I was struck by a point the author made about the difficulties prisoners face when they’re finally able to leave prison and re-enter society. After living in an institution that supplies them with a job, food, and place to live, many are unprepared to step back into the “real” world.

Flaw in Employment Background Check Law is Hurting Candidates

Having been involved in the employment background screening industry for over twenty years one could say I have seen it all. I have seen class action lawsuits, congressional hearings, state hearings, and pundits slamming an industry they really don’t understand. Often critics don’t realize that there’s a loophole in the federal law (the Fair Credit Reporting Act) that was designed to help consumers but…