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Should HR Support CEO’s Who Take Hard Political Stances?

Note > Other translations may include: ballsy, stupid, crazy, naive, smart, courageous, idiotic, or foolish enough…?  October 23rd was a typical day at Casa Burke. My cat jumped on my head to wake me up. I drank my 1.7 cups of Community Coffee (Mardi Gras Blend with sugar-free peppermint mocha creamer). I watched my girl Gail King on CBS This Morning for a few….

Should Your Employer Brand State its Political Beliefs?

Oh, no, Tim’s losing his mind! He’s going to talk about politics! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am a Raging Moderate! I will fight until my last breath to keep myself firming on the fence in the middle, open to actually having an opinion that might fall on either side depending on the subject! Here’s the thing, though, 63%…

Your Organization Is On A Political Rollercoaster, Hold on Tight

From the boardroom to the men’s room; from the chat features of Zoom and Skype to text, employees are engaging in a political jousting of sorts. Unbridled pandemics and ongoing global social injustice protests have changed the rules of political correctness in the workplace. As organizations are declaring their position on racial and social injustice, they have invited more sharing and dialogue among their…

The day Political Correctness Jumped the Shark

You know what “Jump the Shark” means, right? It’s basically saying that something has lost its relevance and is past its time. In today’s always on social media train, things can jump the shark very quickly. Something that is hot today, is totally forgotten about within hours. Obviously, there are certain things that will never jump the shark. Racism can not jump the shark….