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Pay to play in HR Tech

Read Time5 Second The pay to play strategy invites an environment of under-performers. Truly vetting HR Tech is… The post Pay to play in HR Tech appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

CFOs Play a Powerful Role in Continuous Planning

In the increasingly complex healthcare landscape, finance leaders must balance short term imperatives and longer term business objectives simultaneously. Having business insight, the ability to plan continuously, and empower decision makers at every level of the organization with data and insights is key to building resilient organizations. The role of the CFO and financial planning leaders is shifting to better support organizations for the…

HR has a Critical Role to Play for Successful Workforce Transformation – According to New Study by HR.com

This post was originally published on this site Only 25% of human resources (HR) professionals reveal their HR department plays a key role in workforce transformation. This statistic is troubling considering new research showing that HR’s involvement is among the five keys to successful workforce change. HR.com’s Research Institute conducted the global study,  People Power: A Catalyst for Transformation Global Workforce Transformation Trends Study…

Let’s Play Two!

Baseball great Ernie Banks coined the phrase, “Let’s play two!” When a doubleheader was coming up he would say something like, “It’s a great day for a ballgame, let’s play two!” Ernie obviously loved playing the game of baseball. It’s a great attitude to have with anything you do in life as well. It’s all about attitude, right? I mean, how often do you…

Analytics Can Play a Key Role In Career Planning Conversations

Careers used to progress linearly. You’d start at the bottom and climb up the rungs of a clearly defined ladder until you retired, but the world of work has changed so much. Many organizations don’t have defined career tracks anymore, either because the ones they have are no longer relevant or because the next rung of the ladder is simply still undefined.

Announcing the HQ for HR Game Show – Sign Up to Play Today!

Most of you know I founded another site called Fistful of Talent – we are getting ready to do something cool based off of the HQ series many of you play and have some fun in the process… Fistful of Talent has teamed up with Paycor to bring you HQ for HR every Tuesday at 1 PM, starting May 1st. We’ll air five episodes with fifteen different HR leaders! Watching…

Recruiting Is A Game of Constraints. Play It.

I’ve had the chance to talk to quite a few recruitment marketers and talent acquisition leaders over the years, and if there’s one thing that I can safely say about talent pros, it’s that they’re a pretty cynical bunch. Maybe it’s because they think that I’m there to sell them something (I’m not that guy). […]

HR Tech is Child’s Play When You Talk to CyberSecurity Candidates

So, we’re pulling up to #BSidesLV (after attending, I’m still not sure what the hell that means), and I’m about to swipe my card through the taxi meter when suddenly, the screen goes black. Suddenly, some Linux instance popped up (I know because it was written on the bottom of the screen), although I have no idea what the hell it said, since I’m…