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How to handle performance-review disputes

Employees are not required to sign a performance evaluation they disagree with, so letting them write a rebuttal may be the best solution to a disputed review, lawyer Jonathan Segal says. “This may help the employer in the event the employee ultimately is discharged. It shows the employee was given guidance on how to improve but decided he or she was beyond improvement,” Segal…

High Tech and High Touch

During her performance review, the HR Manager revealed that Karen had the highest number of candidates who did not start, turn downed offers and left before their first anniversary.

Why it’s smart to recruit top talent from other industries

Don’t exclude job candidates from other industries, as they can be talented workers who have a great work ethic and who are savvy networkers, writes Matt Tovrog of Bell Oaks Executive Search. “Hear them out; you might be surprised at how they can take their previous or current job and use it as a springboard for maximizing their potential at your company,” Tovrog writes.

What It Takes to Build A-Level Talent

Provide real-time performance feedback. Managers are required to meet with employees weekly about performance. These performance discussions review current performance, solicit improvement ideas and work with employees on areas of personal interest and growth.

Blowing Up the Performance Review

When Adobe’s executives discovered the high costs — in dollars and in attrition — of their annual performance-review process, they scrapped it. The company now uses a yearlong feedback process with annual goals, regular check-ins and a career-development plan.