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PayScale and Payfactors Merge

Today PayScale, the industry leader in compensation data and technology, and Payfactors, a leading compensation data management company with deep industry expertise, announced that they … The post PayScale and Payfactors Merge appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Always Question Content: Look For The B.S. Factor

Salary surveys don’t prescribe the correct salary for you or any other individual. They can’t. Salary statistics are descriptive of a population, not prescriptive about an individual. That is, if you base a decision about one employee (or job candidate) on this stuff, you’re likely to make a big mistake. So, why does HR rely so heavily on salary surveys?

Planning your 2014 Raises

Improving a pay-for-performance strategy can reduce the number of difficult compensation decisions, Tess Taylor writes. Her advice includes compiling information on existing-employee salaries, surveying employees about salary needs and setting goals that can be measured and evaluated.

What Makes a Great Hiring Manager

Today’s rapidly changing business world requires successful human resources managers and financial executives to stay informed. With helpful topics like compensation management, employee retention and talent management, Compensation Today helps keep you up-to-date.