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The HR Famous Podcast: E11- The Future is $99/Month HR Managers (and thy stripper name shall be…)

It’s episode 11 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Jessica Lee, Tim Sackett and Kristian Dunn kill some more time by recording a new episode on the pod (of course trying to flatten the curve in their respective isolation pods) focused on what virtual HR looks like today – including what kind of HR services you can get for $99/month. Plus…

Name Format in SuccessFactors Employee Central

This post was originally published on this site Name Format in SuccessFactors Employee Central: Name format is one of the cool features in SuccessFactors Employee Central which can be used to default “Formal Name” based on different available name related fields available in Personal information like First Name, Middle Name, Third Name, Last Name, Second Last Name, Birth Name, Initials, Prefix etc. Name format…

Linkedin China enforces real name verification

Linkedin China has informed all users of the platform that they will be required to comply with new measures requiring real-name registration. On August 25, 2017, internet regulator Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) announced that unidentified users of all online communities would not be permitted to post content or comment. The regulation is part of the country’s much-discussed Network Security Law, which serves as…

Workey changes name to Gloat. This is not a joke.

In one of the strangest corporate rebrandings we’ve ever seen, the Tel Aviv-based, AI-powered recruitment platform targeting Millennials, formerly known as Workey, is now “Gloat.” The post Workey changes name to Gloat. This is not a joke. appeared first on AIM Group.

The Recruiter Name Generator! What’s Your Recruiter Name? @atapglobal

I’ve noticed that certain recruiters have it easier than others. If you have a ‘unique’ name, you know what I’m talking about! You might spend the first two minutes on your conversation trying to get the candidate to say your name correctly! If you leave a message and they call back to your office it’s often hilarious at what name they ask for. It’s…

Video Recruiting Solution Take The Interview Adds More Cowbell, Changes Name to ConveyIQ

Launched in 2012 and raising a total of $11 million, Take the Interview, a video recruiting tool in a sea of video recruiting tools, has expanded its offering to better resemble a marketing platform, and is now ConveyIQ. “This is an evolution of digital interviewing,” said founder and CEO Danielle Weinblatt. “Think of ConveyIQ as ‘Hubspot for recruiting.’”

A new name and international ambitions for Workible

Workible, the Australian start-up that uses machine-learning and artificial intelligence to connect job seekers with short-term work, changed its name to JobGetter ahead of a planned launch in the U.S.. The post A new name and international ambitions for Workible appeared first on AIM Group.

Hi, My Name Is…Low-Hanging Fruit

Yep – that’s me! The Low-Hanging Fruit on the LinkedIn tree. What’s it like being in Talent Acquisition and low-hanging fruit? Well, you’re popular with a variety of people. And come to find out, a lot of people don’t read your LinkedIn profile. Or if they do, they don’t pick up what you’re putting down. No clue as to what you do, where you…

Hi, My Name is Tim, and I’m a Lonely Middle-aged Guy.

Middle-aged men face this weird life-path. You start a career. Get married. Move to the suburbs. Start a family. Become a little league coach. Watch your kids graduate. Then you get ready to die. I feel like I’ve got more friends than ever in my life, but if I stop and really put down on paper people who I would consider a ‘close’ friend,…

Help Me Name My New Podcast

Every once in a while in life you get really lucky and find a true friend. Back about eight years ago I had that happen in the strangest of circumstances. I was running talent acquisition at Sparrow Health System when I found an HR blog written named The HR Capitalist, written by Kris Dunn. The dude wrote, exactly like I thought in my head….