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meQuilibrium’s Mood Coach ChatBot Honored with Brandon Hall Technology Excellence Gold Award

This post was originally published on this site Boston, MA (December 9, 2019) — meQuilibrium, a leading Boston tech innovator, has been honored for their work in improving workforce performance with a Brandon Hall Technology Excellence Award in the Best Advances in Emerging Talent Management Technology category. The Excellence Awards recognize the best organizations that have successfully deployed tools and technologies that have achieved…

Will Facebook One Day Monitor Your Employees’ Mood?

Journalist Kari Paul wrote an article in Vice about how creepy it was when Facebook’s analytics decided she was depressed and started feeding her ads on depression. Creepy yes, but if you’re interested in analytics you must have a little guilty curiosity as to whether similar analytics could be used to monitor employee mood.

Mood Rings, Magic 8-Balls & Employee Engagement

I’m a product of the 70s. I had bell bottoms, platform sandals and wore my hair in braids. I also had a mood ring that was a piece of crap.  It was always black or dark blue.  I suppose it could have meant I was perpetually intense or lovestruck, but let’s go with crap for the sake of my parents. Then there was the…