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How Programmatic Software Can Maximize Job Advertising Budgets

Data is essential to making decisions about job advertising budget allocation. Programmatic recruitment software helps employers gain visibility into job advertising budget performance, ultimately eliminating … The post How Programmatic Software Can Maximize Job Advertising Budgets appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

DaXtra and Sense Partner Up to Maximize Recruiter Productivity

RICHMOND — April 21, 2020 — DaXtra Technologies, the leader in intelligent recruitment solutions, and Sense, the automated communication and engagement platform built for the staffing industry, announced a new partnership, creating an automation solution to supercharge recruiting teams to streamline sourcing, make more placements, and grow their business. To meet the needs of staffing professionals globally, advances in Natural Language Processing and artificial…

Hire the Overqualified to Maximize Talent ROI

Virtually all companies want to hire the very best talent available.  Most have some version of this statement proudly displayed on their careers page. But we all know that there are constraints in terms of the price you can afford to pay for that available talent.  That’s the crux of achieving your company’s talent strategy, maximizing the talent you bring into the organization but…