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Situations and Solutions for Gig Marketplaces

Whether you’ve received services from a gig worker, know someone who has served as a freelancer for independent and ad hoc jobs, or have even … The post Situations and Solutions for Gig Marketplaces appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Five Things I’ve Learned by Using Gig Marketplaces Like Fivver and Upwork

You can’t talk TA/Recruiting strategies today without talking about the Gig Economy. While use of contract labor, in the traditional sense, allows you to bring in talent that’s employed by someone else, use of gig workers allows you to bring in talent that’s employed by—wait for it—themselves. Is using the gig economy a viable alternative to traditional recruiting strategies? The answer is it depends….

Covid-19 Digest: How long will recovery take for recruitment marketplaces?

In this week’s digest, we look back at how the 2008/9 recession affected recruitment marketplace revenues; job listing falls by segment and country, drawing on data from Seek in Australia and Indeed globally; insights and resources from classified sites and markets globally; Traffic volume trackers for auto, real estate, recruitment and horizontal marketplace sites, and more.

4 Challenges On-Demand Companies & Marketplaces Face When Scaling Supply-Side Talent Acquisition

This post was originally published on this site Businesses trying to recruit on-demand talent in high-volumes across several markets face a specific set of challenges. For marketplaces and on-demand companies in the gig economy, effectively scaling supply-side talent acquisition can be complex—making sure programmatic job advertising campaigns are not overspending, adapting strategies to individual markets, tracking ROI, and managing time spent with vendor relationships…

Artificial intelligence and marketplaces: who’s doing it, why and how

Marketplace apps and websites are increasingly integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into their consumer and backend processes. It’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing down – and why should it? AI in marketplaces holds the potential to “radically simplify the selling experience,” said OLX co-founder and former CEO Fabrice Grinda. The Harvard Business review, […]

Japanese marketplaces adjust to labor shortages

Japanese marketplaces are opting for flexible working hours for their staff in a big to adjust to local labor shortages.  This article is only available to AIM Group clients. Please subscribe now or log in to view. The post Japanese marketplaces adjust to labor shortages appeared first on AIM Group.