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Five Things I’ve Learned by Using Gig Marketplaces Like Fivver and Upwork

You can’t talk TA/Recruiting strategies today without talking about the Gig Economy. While use of contract labor, in the traditional sense, allows you to bring in talent that’s employed by someone else, use of gig workers allows you to bring in talent that’s employed by—wait for it—themselves. Is using the gig economy a viable alternative to traditional recruiting strategies? The answer is it depends….

A Marketing Rookie-Lessons Learned Part 1

The difference between tech geeks and marketing geeks is that tech geeks KNOW you don’t have a clue what they are talking about (and take … The post A Marketing Rookie-Lessons Learned Part 1 appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Sometimes Leading Means Letting Go During the Pandemic (Lessons Learned in Zoom Rooms)

Read Time1 Minute, 3 Second “In considering what our employees need from leadership right now, here are some of the questions we keep in mind.” - Jon Stross, President and Co-founder of Greenhouse.   Sometimes Leading Means Letting Go During the Pandemic   (Lessons Learned in Zoom Rooms)   Two weeks after laying off 28% of the company, we were getting ready to start…

Serena Williams, Reese Witherspoon Share Lessons Learned as Women Entrepreneurs

Read Time1 Minute, 2 Second Serena Williams and Reese Witherspoon are widely recognized for their amazing talents— Williams as a tennis champion with 23 Grand Slam singles titles, and Witherspoon as an Academy Award-winning actress. Yet both women have been pouring their energy into businesses that are helping to create a more inclusive world. Witherspoon founded Hello Sunshine, a media company that focuses on…

The Pandemic Economy: Four Lessons We’ve Learned.

Read Time22 Second We’ve lived with the Pandemic for almost eight months and it often feels like years. We’ve been in rapid response mode every day, and the uncertainty never seems to end. What have we really learned?  As I described in The Big Reset back in March, the virus arrived at the peak of an economic cycle. … Read more» The post The…

What I’ve Learned in a Half Century of Living on this Planet

2-20-2020 Seems like the number people feel like this is some special birthday for me. It’s my 50th. Ugh, that’s hard to type. 50 seems so fucking old! When I was in college, 50 seemed like a lifetime away and now that I’m here, I don’t feel 50. I actually wasn’t going to write this. I’m in a world where being old is a…

What I learned at Workday Rising 2019! #wdayrising

I love HR Technology. You all know that. So, I was super excited to get invited to Workday Rising since it’s arguably the hottest HR Tech company on the planet, and quite frankly, in the past, they really haven’t engaged the influencer community much, and probably didn’t need to with all of their success. I’m interested because Workday is disrupting the HR Tech world…

Closing out 2018 With Lessons Learned on the Job

The year 2018 has come and gone, and it’s been an interesting year here at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. We’ve shifted gears, changed the status quo, and become much more dynamic in recruiting and sourcing. We’ve gone from the “what is a sourcer” mentality to sourcing and outreach becoming a major focal point in our day today.

5 Hard Lessons I’ve Learned About Being a Better Manager and Boss

I’m a sucker for anything that tries to answer a question that I almost never hear anyone ask, much less answer: How can you be a good boss? Notice that I say anything that “tries” to answer because I usually find that most advice on how to better manage people usually goes one of two ways — it’s either very simplistic or incredibly stupid….

What EY Learned When It Started Using HR Bots

Technology has played a significant role in shaping human resources practices in the past decade. Today we are on the cusp of a new revolution in HR: The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning toward HR service delivery. In short, there is a lot we don’t know about how HR will evolve in the coming years. But we do know one thing for…