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7 Tactics for Writing Better Job Postings

Your job postings are a marketing tool. Too many employers just don’t get that fact. They write drab, uninspiring words about a role that seem to repel not attract potential candidates. Sadly this trend isn’t getting any better.

AngelList Tests Charging For Job Posts, Pay 10 Percent Of Salary Or .25 Percent Equity After Hiring

When AngelList — the network for young startups to find funding and employees – announced a $24 million round of funding last year, it noted that it had already helped 3,000 people find jobs through free listings. Now, it’s experimenting with ways to charge for them. Today, a message has been popping up for would-be job posters: pay either 10% of the salary, or…

Job Postings: Lease or Buy?

When it comes to buying job postings, companies are just now starting to dip their toes in the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) water, but is CPC-based job advertising really better than the traditional bulk-buy and all you-can-post-models?

The Changing Face of Job Advertisement Distribution

Back in the 90’s, as the dizzying array of local, niche, and industry-specific job boards and career sites began crowding the market, the process of researching, buying, managing, optimizing, and tracking job postings could be cumbersome, however, and threatened to divert recruiters from their core focus fulfilling the organization’s hiring demands. Thus came the world of Job Advertisement Distribution (JADs).