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How To Recruit Robots

Job descriptions are ridiculously detailed because HR has been trained to believe the “perfect candidate” can be found if the search criteria are detailed enough. That’s the fundamental problem. HR is in the keyword business, not in the hiring business.

Is this the worst job ad ever?

This job ad markets hard work as something you should be willing to sell yourself out for. And that is why job seekers — from the youngest and most inexperienced to the oldest and most frustrated — are fed up with the behavior of employers that want something for nothing while complaining the right talent isn’t out there.

Here’s what a good looking job posting should be like

Check out this great looking job description that we saw on social media. It really catches your eye. This particular one for a WordPress Whisperer (developer) was shared over 30 times on social media and led to a hire via someone seeing it on Twitter. Notice how they used a great image, hashtags and whimsy job title to attract and sell the job. It…

Why you Need to A/B Test your Job Titles

Please enter a description….What if I told you that saying “rep” instead of “representative” in your job posting title might be the difference between receiving 40 candidates and receiving 55 candidates? Or that dropping the “s” in “human resources” might cost you 20 applicants?

Well-crafted job descriptions make for better hiring

In my last post, I provided a process-based approach one can take to set the conditions required to ensure your business environment includes processes which facilitate desired employee behaviors. So, how can you recruit and select employees who will fit your organizational needs? I’m going to go back to processes. First, if you didn’t recognize the need to map out a recruiting and selection…