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Oracle Invites HR Leaders To Discuss Changing Roles, New Challenges Due To COVID-19

By Tracy Martin, VP—HCM Cloud Strategy, Oracle As the world continues to face increasing concerns about COVID-19, our HR customers are facing big challenges and taking on many new roles. For example, HR leaders in the distribution industry need to hire and onboard new workers at a record pace, while those in retail are having to lay off or furlough large groups of employees….

What to do with all those LinkedIn invites

If you follow the tips I walk through in this video, you'll discover some fast, easy and efficient ways to turn those inbound LinkedIn invitations into leads, along with sowing the seeds for more potential sales later on. The video walks you through …

Digital Life: When not to accept LinkedIn invites

USA TODAY columnist Steven Petrow offers advice about digital etiquette. Q: I'm getting a number of LinkedIn invitations from people I don't know and who aren't even connected to other friends or colleagues. Should I accept their invitations? I know …