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Why Invest in a Managed Direct Sourcing solution?

It’s no secret the contingent workforce is growing rapidly and Managed Direct Sourcing (MDS) can help organisations in supporting this change. In fact, the ‘gig’ … The post Why Invest in a Managed Direct Sourcing solution? appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Headspace Raises $47.7M for Its Meditation App – Will Continue to Invest in Work Segment

Headspace has extended its Series C fundraise with an additional $47.7 million. Employee wellbeing continues to be a growing segment of HR technology. Mental wellness was already seeing traction in the market pre-COVID-19, but is attracting even more attention with the stressers associated with changing structures of work and workloads. Headspace told Crunchbase news that […] The post Headspace Raises $47.7M for Its Meditation…

Seek to invest more in early-stage startups

Australia-based Seek has told investors to expect smaller short-term gains while the company invests more heavily in early-stage startups to deliver long-term sustainability. The post Seek to invest more in early-stage startups appeared first on AIM Group.

Mai Mai to invest a billion RMB in career counselling

China’s largest professional social network, Mai Mai, has announced that it will be investing one billion RMB ($144 million U.S.) in a free career counselling service. According to vice president of human resources, Ling Xiao, the plan will see the social network team up with over 1000 companies, including Fortune 500 companies operating in China such as Cisco, as well as fashion houses and…

Invest In Your Best Sourcers

Managing a team of any size, you have a finite amount of time. You keep investing your time and energy to get the new person up and running, or another person out of a performance management plan. While doing so, your best team member submits her two-week notice. Why? Because she felt undervalued and overworked. Your costs for training her replacement to take that…