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‘Inspiring Employees’-An Interview with Inder, Product Lead-RChilli

RChilli is starting another series called ‘Inspiring Employees.’ The name is perfect because the team is the reason for the company’s success. The articles for this series will revolve around RChilli employees’ journey and how they work to help RChilli achieve milestones. The first session has started with Inder Pal Singh, Product Lead-RChilli, about his experience at RChilli.

Workday Rising Europe Daily: Building on Inspiration

This post was originally published on this site As Workday Rising Europe comes to an end in Milan, we wanted to share several recaps of inspiring sessions that took place on Wednesday and Thursday, as well as some photos from throughout the conference. Thank you to all members of our community who joined us, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!…

Inspiration, Move Me Brightly – A Tale of #SourceCon

I am still on a SourceCon high! I know it is more than a few weeks later. I like to make the good feels last as long as they can. The last time I felt this positive after coming back from a three day event was March 28-30, 1990. I had just seen the Grateful Dead three nights in a row at Nassau Coliseum….

Helping your average employees find inspiration

Average employees — those who do their jobs but give little more — aren’t necessarily a problem, Steve Errey writes. It’s worthwhile to figure out what inspires these employees so you can try to give them projects they’re passionate about. But it’s also true an average employee might be a reliable individual who may stick around for a long time.