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Resilience and agility in responding to changes in talent acquisition post-COVID-19 with powerful recruiting software meets demand, exceeds customer expectations, and propels GR8 People forward … The post GR8 PEOPLE EXPERIENCES A STRONG START TO 2021 WITH CONTINUED GROWTH, NATIONAL RECOGNITION AND PRODUCT INNOVATION appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Workday Podcast: How Inclusion Spurs Innovation

Audio also available on Spotify. In the corporate world, inclusion is about creating a workplace that nurtures a sense of belonging and psychological safety where … The post Workday Podcast: How Inclusion Spurs Innovation appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Workday Podcast: Driving Innovation in Healthcare IT

Read Time1 Minute, 1 Second   While we know change is the only constant in our daily lives, the massive changes of 2020 have rocked even the most resilient among us. All industries have had to adapt to the unforeseen and often challenging circumstances of this year, and the healthcare industry is no exception.  Over the course of 2020, we’ve witnessed the acceleration of…

Reimagining Productivity to Spur Innovation

Read Time1 Minute, 3 Second Productivity and innovation are two sides of the same coin. The internal combustion engine wasn’t fitted into mechanical horses, after all. Inventors skipped a few steps and everyone was doing more, with less effort. Workday, the engine of many enterprises, works behind the scenes to make everyday tasks not just easier, but more effective. Our built-in Workday Productivity Suite,…

Insights on Innovation: Do You Want To Build a Snowman?

Read Time19 Second If there’s one major lesson business leaders can learn from this year, it’s that adaptability is an essential skill any organization needs in order to survive challenging and changeable times. However, in order to thrive rather than just survive, companies must go beyond simply adapting to change as it happens and instead focus on innovating to stay ahead of the curve….

Strategies To Build Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Inclusion and Diversity are often used interchangeably, but the difference between the concepts is vitally important. I believe that organizations with diverse qualities, experiences, and work styles bring more ideas to the table. These concepts have continued to gain traction in the corporate world as their benefits have become increasingly apparent.

ChristianaCare: Embracing a Culture of Agility and Innovation

Read Time1 Minute, 2 Second ChristianaCare is a leading healthcare provider serving the mid-Atlantic states and is a valued member of the Workday customer community. With a commitment to providing affordable, high quality care for the communities it serves, ChristianaCare is embracing innovation across its organization.  We connected with Kristen Raber, corporate director, Cloud Innovation Lab at ChristianaCare, and Kevin Kain, director of financial…

Jobvite Launches AI Innovation Lab to Deliver Recruitment Insights

AI Innovation Lab enables talent acquisition teams to gain more insights from recruitment data to improve results and reduce bias INDIANAPOLIS (Aug. 27, 2020) – Jobvite (www.jobvite.com), the leading end-to-end talent acquisition suite, today announces the launch of the AI Innovation Lab, empowering talent acquisition leaders to better understand recruitment data and improve recruiting results.   Jobvite’s AI Innovation Lab is comprised of Jobvite’s experienced data science team that not only develops new product capabilities, but also delivers innovative analysis and insights to help companies achieve better business outcomes. This team of data experts explore client data…

HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #375: Cecile Alper-Leroux, VP of Product Innovation, Ultimate Software

HRx Radio – Executive Conversations: On Friday mornings, John Sumser interviews key executives from around the industry. The conversation covers what makes the executive tick and what makes their company great. HRx Radio – Executive Conversations Guest: Cecile Alper-Leroux, VP of Product Innovation, Ultimate Software Episode: 375 Air Date: August 14, 2020   <!– Sponsor: BenefitEd – From student loan repayment to college savings,…

Amaze Yourself with RChilli’s Resume Parser

RChilli’s resume parser is an outstanding innovation of technology. Apart from saving time on sorting out resumes manually, recruiters can close jobs quickly and speed up their candidate selection process. But is a resume parser all about having a faster recruitment process? Would you like to know many other excellent features of a parser that we bet you never thought about?

Creating a Culture That Fosters Product and Technology Innovation

At Workday, innovation isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a core value. Fast Company’s Best Workplaces for Innovators just came out and we are honored to once again be on this list, which recognizes businesses and organizations that demonstrate a deep commitment to encouraging innovation at all levels.  We sat down with Pete Schlampp, executive vice president of product development, and Sayan Chakraborty, executive vice…