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Wanna Recruit Me? Appeal To My Inner Cat-Lady

Yeah, I have a cat. I brought her home one day (then a kitten) without asking my husband. Needless to say, he wasn’t happy.  But guess who is still with us 4 years later? My cat. So, why do I love this cat so much?  The answer is simple: she loves me. And, now that I work mostly from home, she is also my…

Better Recruiters Channel Their Inner Chimpanzee

You want to be a better recruiter? You want to quit overcomplicating your recruiting process? Sit back, reflect, simplify. And channel your inner chimpanzee. I had the great pleasure of hearing Dan Pallotta speak recently. Haven’t heard of Dan? Click on his website. His 2013 TED talk has been viewed by 3.4 million folks. Enough said. His expertise lies in innovation, creativity, charity and social change….