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How the Pandemic Has Impacted Job Prospects for Software Developers

As we’ve noted before, tech talent management was already undergoing major changes when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. During major upheavals like a pandemic or economic downturn, software developers tend to feel a little more secure in their jobs than many others, but the particular conditions that emerged in 2020 have created new challenges in dev talent management. Here is an overview of what it…

How Has COVID-19 Impacted Talent Acquisition? 4 Key Trends to Watch

As a result of COVID-19, we are living and working in unprecedented times, and talent acquisition teams everywhere are having to adapt quickly. But how has this global pandemic specifically impacted talent acquisition and recruitment?  The post How Has COVID-19 Impacted Talent Acquisition? 4 Key Trends to Watch appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Jobcase Launches Virtual Hiring Events To Connect Hourly Workers Impacted By COVID-19

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Jobcase, a social platform for the “future of work,” announced its new virtual hiring events offering to support job seekers and company recruiters with a simple, online method to facilitate the hiring process. This new channel allows employers to interact directly with candidates from any industry, eliminating the need for in-person hiring which is no longer viable due to COVID-19….

What Part of the Normal American Workplace Will Be Most Impacted by #metoo?

There’s a ton of good that’s come from the daily breaking news associated with the #metoo movement.  Creeps everywhere are being held responsible for their behavior, and society in general seems to have a higher awareness for what’s appropriate and what’s not.  There’s a lot of details in between, but the one I spend the most time thinking about is the following: When does…

9 Ways The Digital Era Has Impacted Talent Sourcing

I believe in the “why” before the “how.” The “why” in this conversation is why it seems that everything has changed in talent sourcing? The tried and true doesn’t seem to work. For example, creating a job description that presents a “challenging opportunity with a world class organization” does not generate the advertising traffic we expect. Those talent sourcing hacks that were so incredibly…