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6 Creative Ideas for Your Virtual Career Fairs

Virtual events are known for helping recruiters promote job openings and connect with the best job seekers from any location and on any device, in … The post 6 Creative Ideas for Your Virtual Career Fairs appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

3 Big Ideas from a Top 100 HR Tech Influencer

John Sumser, founder and principal analyst for HRExaminer, has witnessed change in the HR-technology realm that puts him among the pantheon of advisors and observers. But he’ll be the first to admit that nothing could have prepared him for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on HR, including on executives and decision-makers who are representing employers of all stripes, sizes and industry sectors….

Recruitment Advertising Ideas to Reach Candidates During COVID-19

With social distancing and stay-at-home orders in place due to COVID-19, consumer media consumption and candidate behavior has changed. The way job seekers are using and engaging with media is drastically different now than it was just a few months ago.  Here are the key changes we’ve seen in candidate media behavior:  The post Recruitment Advertising Ideas to Reach Candidates During COVID-19 appeared first…

Competing for Title of Top HR Tech Innovator: Ideas and Innovators in HR – All-Star Edition

For years Ideas and Innovators in HR has been an attendee session favorite at the HR Technology Conference and 2020 is sure to prove the same. Ten HR and HR tech leaders will share their most interesting, challenging and thought-provoking ideas focused on topics such as human resources technology, HR digital transformation, talent management and more. It’s where you may learn about great new…

5 Recruiters Share Their Ideas For Hiring the Best

It is well known that the unemployment rate is at a record low and the economy is healthy. While smart business leaders are focusing on growth due to these positive indicators, there is a bigger challenge these leaders will need to tackle: How to hire the best talent to help their organizations grow.

Get Better Ideas, Higher Engagement and Even Improve Your Managers By Encouraging 2-Way Feedback

Every successful relationship works via a careful process of give and take. We need to learn how to express ourselves, our ideas, and our interests. Equally, though, we need to really listen. Proactive listening can prevent a lot of issues and roadblocks in our private lives; this is something that experts everywhere agree upon. But is direct communication and feedback as important in the…

3 Engaging Podcast Topic Ideas To Catch Candidate Attention

Podcasting is worth the time and investment as a form of employer branding and a way to connect with your candidate audience. There’s an opportunity to get deep with podcasting–through capturing stories of employees, sharing tips and tricks, or featuring interesting banter back and forth between experts. Any serious job-seeker is going to soak all of this information up in one sitting. You may…

Ideas Are Worthless Without Execution

Ideas are everywhere.  It’s the execution that’s rare.  I often hear or see so many people who complain about wanting something that other people have, or something they want done, or want others to do, or want to change something, etc… but they won’t do anything themselves to get stuff moving forward… Can you relate? Maybe you are one of these people? Hmm… Here’s…

How to Get Buy-In For Your Ideas

Notice how some great ideas never made it past the initial concept, while other mediocre ideas seem to sail through with leadership on board? Sometimes, how you sell your ideas to decision makers to get buy-in is just as important as what you’re selling.

Ideas are Worthless

If we, talent acquisition pros and leaders, are now to become ‘marketers’, or at least that is what we are led to believe by most experts in the TA field, creativity then becomes a very valuable skill. Doesn’t it? I mean let’s face it, the most skilled part of marketing has to be coming up with the creative ideas that make these programs work!…