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HRExaminer v12.08

        Why Focus Your HR Department on Security? HRExaminer v12.08 February 19, 2021     Almost all security problems, intentional or otherwise, … The post HRExaminer v12.08 appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

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        I need a Vocation HRExaminer v12.07 February 12, 2021     As Frederick Buechner described, vocation is “the place where your … The post HRExaminer v12.07 appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

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        The HR Data Department HRExaminer v12.05 February 5, 2021     This is interesting stuff. John Sumser draws the boundaries around … The post HRExaminer v12.06 appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

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        13 Amazing HR Tech Solutions for the Pandemic HRExaminer v12.05 January 29, 2021     In this John Sumser video he … The post HRExaminer v12.05 appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

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        Q&A on AI and Intelligent Tools with John Sumser HRExaminer v12.04 January 22, 2021     This video from John Sumser … The post HRExaminer v12.04 appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

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        AI and Intelligent Software Implementationand Design Ethics HRExaminer v12.03 January 15, 2021     John Sumser writes, “Intelligent output requires the … The post HRExaminer v12.03 appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

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Read Time47 Second         Reimagining Necessary Work in the Pandemic HRExaminer v12.02 January 8, 2021     Heather Bussing explains how the pandemic demands that we reimagine our indispensable work. Reimagining What is Necessary Work During the Coronavirus Pandemic. Jon Stross and his Greenhouse co-founder noticed that certain ways of leading and communicating during the pandemic suddenly snapped into focus while…

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Read Time47 Second         From Centralized to Distributed HRExaminer v12.01 January 1, 2021     Our systems were not designed to scale during an abrupt shift from centralized to distributed work. TJ Fjelseth, CHRO of Socrates.ai expands on the Conversations emerging during an abrupt shift from centralized to distributed work. What should modern bereavement leave look like in pandemic times? Surely,…

HRExaminer v11.04

Read Time47 Second         Working MVP’s of the Pandemic HRExaminer v11.04 December 25, 2020     In times of scarcity or crisis like the pandemic, the rules change. Business continuity becomes the governing question. Michael Kannisto, Ph.D. looks at MVP’s during the Pandemic: Modern Succession Planning for Operational Continuity. In March 2020, many workers fled their offices for the safety of…

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Read Time52 Second         How to Not Screw Up Predictions HRExaminer v11.03 December 18, 2020     Heather Bussing writes, “If there is only a 10% chance of rain, you probably won’t take an umbrella. But one in ten times, you will still get wet.” Read Heather’s two-part series on How to Not Screw Up Predictions (when you’re working with AI…

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Read Time45 Second         Intelligent Tools and AI Respond in the Pandemic HRExaminer v11.02 December 11, 2020     Novel technological solutions are emerging to address the pandemic in the workforce. This week, John Sumser highlights those trends in the first two pieces in the Pandemic Workforce Series: New Safety, Health, and Development Technology and Who’s Doing Amazing Stuff (The Watchlist)….

HRExaminer v11.01

Read Time51 Second         AI and Intelligent Tool Abandonment HRExaminer v11.01 December 4, 2020     We’ve got three great articles drawn from an HR Examiner survey of 542 HR executives and subject matter experts about new and existing projects involving intelligent tools and AI. We covered 26 different technologies using a 28-question instrument spanning a wide range of topics. In…

HRExaminer Radio – Executive Conversations: Episode #385: Laura Baldwin, President, O’Reilly Media

Read Time1 Minute, 1 Second HRx Radio – Executive Conversations: On Friday mornings, John Sumser interviews key executives from around the industry. The conversation covers what makes the executive tick and what makes their company great. HRx Radio – Executive Conversations Guest: Laura Baldwin, President, O’Reilly Media Episode: 385 Air Date: November 20, 2020   <!– Sponsor: BenefitEd – From student loan repayment to…

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Read Time39 Second   Group of business people in protective masks sitting at their workplaces and working on computers at office during pandemic       Pandemic Workforce HRExaminer v11.00 for November 27, 2020     We’ve got a whole week of amazing videos from John Sumser covering different impacts of the pandemic on the workforce. Dive in below. This Week’s Articles    …

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Read Time51 Second         Assessing Values in Online Technology HRExaminer v10.99 for November 20, 2020     We’re wrapping up our four-part series on Assessing Values in Online Technology. Michael Kannisto, Tejal Raval, Zachary Harper, and Anum Malik conducted a 90-day study where they racked up 450+ hours watching demos, asking questions, and working to understand the business model and technical…