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RChilli Resume Parser is available on Salesforce AppExchange

RChilli Resume Parser is available on Salesforce AppExchange. It automates applicant resume data extraction & storing it in the Salesforce platform. At RChilli, we are committed to providing ease of use of our services. This AppExchange solution will make us closer to the companies who are using or intending to use Salesforce as their recruiting platform.

Parse Scanned Resumes With RChilli OCR Technology

Recently RChilli has included Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan the printed document and digitize the whole text with its resume parser. It is an add-on process. It converts the various format documents (scanned copies, images, pdf-files, etc.) into editable and searchable formats. Explore more about this add-on.

3 Ways to Maximize the ROI of HR

Human resources play a significant role in improving engagement, productivity, and inclusion. These things can create an undeniable impact on business outcomes and revenues. Here is how HR professionals can work on these aspects to maximize ROI.