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June 2021 BLS Report — The Hiring Crisis is Here

The June Bureau of Labor Statistics Jobs Report had some promising details, like 850,000 jobs added to the economy — the biggest gain we’ve seen in the last ten months — and a quarter of the new jobs added were in restaurants and bars, a promising sign of continued economic resurgence.  However, these positive revelations … June 2021 BLS Report — The Hiring Crisis…

The Newest Red Flag In Hiring!

I’m trained as an HR pro to pick up on ‘red flags’ in interviewing, in employee behavior, potential turnover risks, etc. Sometimes those red flags are really obvious.  I tease my staff all the time, but missing time on Mondays and Fridays, unexcused time, is a red flag.  It says something about how you feel about work, that you want to extend your weekend….

Parse Scanned Resumes With RChilli OCR Technology

Recently RChilli has included Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan the printed document and digitize the whole text with its resume parser. It is an add-on process. It converts the various format documents (scanned copies, images, pdf-files, etc.) into editable and searchable formats. Explore more about this add-on.

Common Hiring Mistakes to Avoid at Your Healthcare Agency

It comes as no surprise to you that hiring in today’s climate is tough — especially in healthcare.  On the back end of the pandemic, we’ve seen a talent shortage across the board, which means that qualified and available applicants get hired faster than ever before. Add to that the number of speciality certifications required … Common Hiring Mistakes to Avoid at Your Healthcare…