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CareerBuilder Gets Slapped With Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and Bullying

Reported in Crain’s Chicago Business on June 13, Lori McInerney, a former marketing director who started with CareerBuilder in 2002, has filed a lawsuit against her former employer. McInerney was promoted eight times during her time there without a single poor performance review, the lawsuit says. She served as regional sales director, director of strategic initiatives, and director of marketing during her tenure.

Monster Finally Gets a CEO, Adds Former Dice President to Executive Team

Well, that took a while. So long, in fact, that I don’t even remember who the last CEO was at Monster. Better late than never, I guess, as Monster announced a tech executive from the travel industry as its new leader. Scott Gutz will be joining as chief executive officer to lead the ongoing turnaround attempt at one of the world’s oldest online employment…

When the Going Gets Tough, Here’s What to Do

Every business and staff member go through tough times that might lead to distractions, a drop in motivation or a change in priorities. The only certainty is that all businesses must be ready to face uncertainty. Difficult situations will arise that need to be navigated sensitively, and whilst trying to maintain ‘business as usual’ and good results.

Indeed gets its way in dispute with Lndeed.net

Indeed.com, the world’s leading job search engine, filed a dispute with Minnesota-based ADR Forum against the registered owner of the domain Lndeed.net – and won. Now, if you type Indeed.net into your browser, you are redirected to an Indeed.com landing page. The post Indeed gets its way in dispute with Lndeed.net appeared first on AIM Group.

When Talent Gets Tight, People Break the Rules

So, let me get this straight, high school basketball players are getting paid to go to certain schools? Yeah, I think we’ve known that for like at least twenty, plus years now! You know the saying where there is smoke, there is fire? Well, the NCAA and big-time college athletics have been burning for decades! Now, instead of the NCAA putting your school on…

Skype Finally Gets Serious About Being a Video Interviewing Tool

There’s no shortage of video interviewing tools in the recruiting industry. Green Job Interview, HireVue, Take the Interview, Montage, Wepow, Sparkhire, and Vervoe are just a few off the top of my head. Though each one can talk up their products with the best of them, I can never help but think Skype could crush them all if it actually focused on interviewing.

Cornerjob gets more money, eyes global market

Cornerjob, the blue-collar app recently named Spain’s fastest-growing start-up, closed a $19-million series C funding round. This took the company’s total investment to $54 million in three rounds, which should take it some way towards its goal of being a global operator.

What Do You Do If Your Employee Gets Sick Abroad?

In 2016, U.S. residents logged 457.4 million person‑trips for business purposes. Life on the road can give employees an opportunity to see new places and immerse themselves in a new culture, but it also can sometimes put them at a higher risk for contracting illness. Health risks are of particular concern for business travelers overseas, given that they can be exposed to different illnesses…

Nobody Gets a Great Idea When They’re Being Chased by a Lion

I subscribe to the old adage that there’s nothing new under the sun. But once in awhile even I get gobsmacked (as the British like to say) by a new insight that’s so thoughtful and incisive that it makes up for all the crap that normally passes for management wisdom these days. The insight that grabbed me comes from Mark Nathan, CEO of Zipari, a health insurance software company….

Confidence Gets You a Leadership Gig, but Humility Lets You Keep It

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately working on leadership evaluation and selection.  Specifically, we spent a bunch of time talking about how to make better talent decisions. In addition to looking at times we got it right, we also analyzed a lot of failures—what made Tom unable to perform at the level expected, and why did Sally self-destruct? Two topics that came…