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Human Capital is an engineering talent agency and a VC fund all in one

Michael Ovitz didn’t invent the idea of a talent agency, but one might argue that he perfected it. He founded the CAA in 1975, and grew it into the world’s leading talent agency, serving as chairman for 20 years. Now, Ovitz is investing in a brand new type of talent agency called Human Capital. Human Capital is a hybrid organization, one part VC fund,…

UK-based Emerge Education Launches New Seed Fund Focused on Tech Addressing the Skills Gap

This post was originally published on this site The market needs more innovative tech firms tackling the skills gap with new approaches to education. Startups have trouble finding seed and early stage funding. UK-based Emerge Education has launched a new fund to address both. From Tech.eu: “The firm will build a portfolio of startups creating new, tech-based forms of education, training or upskilling, […]…

Niche job board Aw-Anotherworks.com raises fund

Japan-based niche job board Aw-Anotherworks.com has raised an undisclosed financing through implementation of third-party allotment of shares underwritten by a venture capital firm. The site was officially launched earlier this week as the industry’s first SaaS-type multi-tasking matching platform.