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New Features from HR Tech Platforms

Hiretual, the sourcing platform announced amplified functionalities of its Market Insights feature to provide hiring teams with flexible talent intelligence capabilities during a year of shifting employee … The post New Features from HR Tech Platforms appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

The Great Resignation _ Shane Metcalf from 15five

Shane Metcalf is the Chief Culture Officer at 15five. We talked about how the great resignation now underway in the labor market is affecting companies … The post The Great Resignation _ Shane Metcalf from 15five appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Ask FOT: How Do I Teach Execs That Recruiting at Scale Differs From What They’re Used To

Dear FOT: I’m working through something and wondered if you had something that might help. It’s obvious to me that our exec-level population doesn’t understand that you recruit high-volume, contact center kinds of CS positions differently than what they’re used to (1 to 1 wooing and talent pool development). I want to educate them on how you manage this at the project level and…

Headlines from YellowBird, Eightfold, Cadient, Hibob and Pathrise

Eightfold AI, the provider of the Talent Intelligence Platform™, today announced its integration partnership with Greenhouse, the hiring software company, and availability of the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Suite for all Greenhouse customers.  https://hrtechfeed.com/eightfold-talent-intelligence-suite-now-available-on-greenhouse/ Pathrise, the leading online mentorship and job placement platform for tech professionals, announced today that it has secured $9 million in Series A Funding — including $5.5 million in new equity…

Planning your recruitment budget: expert advice from Workable’s CFO

Workable CFO Craig DiForte has been through this himself numerous times. He gets straight to the point: “There are two main things you want to look at,” he says. “Cost per hire and time to hire.” Craig explains that you must break those down into manageable and measurable chunks, and identify the areas where you can […] The post Planning your recruitment budget: expert advice…