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We don’€™t do normal days at Qandidate.com

This is the 8th edition of our meet the team series. Today we would like to introduce you Ralph. Ralph joined the Qandidate.com team just after the initial launch of Qandidate.com, free recruitment software in February and is heading up the marketing activities at Qandidate.com

It was either president of the US or Qandidate.com…

Meet Tycho! Tycho is one of the three partners at Qandidate.com. He started this exciting journey in the recruitment space together with Remy Verhoeven en Wouter Goedhart more than 6 years ago. Initially with VONQ and recently also with Qandidate.com. Edition seven of our meet the team series.

Just in time hiring

There was a time when just in time hiring was all the vogue. After this the market got hijacked by the community champions who advocated the complete opposite approach, dictating that every company needed a talent community. A talent network needs technology that allows a simple sign in to register other profiles to elect to receive updates and express interest rather than go as…

The hidden mysteries of data

Data tells a story. A story of what is really happening with your recruiting, but often it is buried deep, and spread about in different places, scattered across the internet.The challenge now for recruiting teams is to find ways to mine this data, and translate it in to something useful. From a technology point of view, everything should be measured.

A chat with Qandidate.com’™s product owner

A chat with Qandidate.com’€™s product owner. This is the fourth blog post in our “meet the team” series. Today an introduction of Remy Verhoeven, who is one of the founders of Qandidate.com. Remy is Qandidate.com’€™s product owner and spends most of his time looking after the product strategy and development. Qandidate.com is the new free recruitment software, designed for happy recruiting.

Recruiting like the Wizard of Oz

The modern day version of the wizard of Oz machine is the ATS. Candidates are made visible or invisible to recruiters based on what goes on behind the curtain. When a candidate applies, they submit data, usually in the form of a CV or a LinkedIn profile, that is ranked against the information provided by the recruiter, usually in the form of a job…