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AI Is the Buzz, But Your Old Tools Might Be Just Fine

One of the great promises of AI in recruitment is automatically screening candidates. The hope is that we’ll just hand off the job specs to a computer, it will screen the resumes, do some automated interviewing with a chatbot, and leave us with a nice clean short-list of candidates.

The Fine Art of Cold LinkedIn Prospecting

What do you do when you find a prospect on LinkedIn and can't get an introduction? Do you give up based on the seemingly vast digital distance? Or, do you have a strategy for building cold relationships on LinkedIn and transitioning them into real-life …

Recruiting Was Fine Until You Screwed It Up

Every day, I’m lucky enough to get to talk to the people on the cutting edge of the recruiting technology industry; most of these are entrepreneurs who share a passion for their mostly cookie cutter products and the belief that, somehow, they’re going to help fix recruiting, which every single one seems to think is either “broken” or “a problem.” The problem, at least…