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The Serbian recruitment site fighting brain drain

Poslovi.Infostud.com, the leading recruitment site in Serbia, has teamed up with Tačka Povratka (Returning Point), a Serbian program that aims to connect members of the Serbian diaspora to their homeland. Poslovi.Infostud will offer job placement services for Serbs returning to the country.

Fighting Fatigue: The Right Way to Combat Employee Burnout

The age of the “always on” worker is officially upon us. Today, nearly half of workers claim they feel encouraged by their employers to check email or work after hours, and with that demand comes rapidly increasing counts of employee fatigue. According to experts, burnout has now reached record levels, and it’s only likely to compound as younger generations feel even more pressure to…

Fighting discrimination — with big data

To help combat this trend, recruiting software company Entelo recently launched a "Diversity" product to help companies correct the underrepresentation of certain groups in their workforces. The tool allows employers to search for candidates with their …