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Simplicity: An Eyeball’s Journey into the Inbox

When you’re on an adventure, you document the highlights, the parts you want to write home about.  Your eyes are no different. And with email? The more straightforward the path, the more rewarding the trip.      KISS: Keep It Simple, Sweetheart  You have an incredible opportunity. A sales pitch worthy of romantic prose, of write-ups of Homerian proportions. And you want your clients to read…

Does it Capture Eyeballs? #RecruitmentMarketing

First off, hat tip to my buddy, Glen Cathey for sharing the article I’m about to reference. If you don’t know Glen, do yourself a favor and get to know him, follow him, stalk him. He’s brilliant and I read everything he ever puts out. If released his grocery list, I would read it. The article title is “The Hottest Advertising Trend for 2018!“….