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“Everybody Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth”

I believe in the importance of having a plan. Ben Martinez believes this too, as he spelled out so succinctly in The Only Bad Plan Is No Plan here on FOT. As he put it, “My job is to create a plan to better deal with chaos,” a lesson he’s learned while coping with all that has happened in the chaotic year of 2020….

A New Recruiting Wrinkle: Paying Everybody as if They Worked in San Francisco

Here’s the latest recruiting wrinkle in job listings: Posting an ad where the company is completely up front about what the position pays — even if it is $181,000 a year. Jeff Hyman, a long-time executive recruiter and author of the bestselling book Recruit Rockstars, recently flagged me to the fact that project management software company Basecamp was looking for its first-ever Director of…

Dawn Burke shares Candy Everybody Wants: Easy Connections at Work

The following is a guest post I had the pleasure of contributing to the  WorkXO blog, Culture Chat.  WorkXO is a new start up dedicated to humanizing the workplace.  Check them out.  Before we talk shop, let’s be clear.  Baby Ruth Bars are the GREATEST OF ALL THE CANDIES.  Don’t be afraid to admit it.  Don’t be a closet Ruth lover.  Be brave and…

Everybody Hates You: Welcome to Working in Human Resources

What would you do if everybody hated you? Well, everybody does hate you if you work in human resources. * Employees hate you for being an administrative obstacle. What? They can’t sleep late and take mental health days? Why you gotta be like that? All bossy & stuff? * Supervisors hate you because they can’t just hire and fire people based on instinct—or racism….