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Essential Pros Launches A New Website

The brand new Essential Pros website is live and ready to offer great value to those who open a franchise with a successful and reputable brand. A … The post Essential Pros Launches A New Website appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

8 Reasons Onboarding Is Essential

Read Time1 Minute, 3 Second Note: This is a guest post from Complí, a Hireology partner that manages HR and compliance initiatives across the entire workforce.  There’s a secret to standing out in today’s employee-centric job market, and it isn’t in your brand book. Or your benefits package. Or your kegerator. It’s in your onboarding program. No period in the employment lifecycle is more…

When HR Staff Becomes Essential

Essential employee: An employee that has been designated as critical because their responsibilities include non-deferrable services that must be performed despite a catastrophic event, a weather emergency, or a public health crisis. An essential employee is one who is vital to meeting operational requirements of the business. Could this be? Human Resources “vital to meeting operational requirements of the business” ? And all it took was…

In Myanmar, JobNet works to fill essential roles

Across the globe, recruitment sites have responded to a slowdown in hiring by launching support programs and initiatives to fill essential roles. In Myanmar, leading recruitment site JobNet is listing essential jobs for free, as well as organizing a virtual career fair in anticipation of increased demand.

Who are your “Essential” employees!?

Karen in Payroll – can you come to the CEO’s office! In Michigan, we got the governor’s executive order to work from home for all nonessential companies. Basically, the only companies that should still be working at the office are those saving or sustaining life. The order was like 18 pages. One of the bullet points directed that HR professionals responsible for ensuring payroll…

It’s Essential for Organizations to Make Pay Equity a Priority – According to New Study by the HR Research Institute

This post was originally published on this site Despite the fact that pay inequities remain a serious challenge to employers worldwide, most organizations are still not making it a top priority.  Only a very small proportion (6%) of human resources (HR) professionals say pay equity is a top priority at their workplace. Further, just a quarter of surveyed employers say it’s among their top…

Improved Training for Mental Health Initiatives is Essential – According to New Study by HR.com’s Research Institute

This post was originally published on this site Most organizations offer mental health benefits, but few address mental health issues well or have educated their managers sufficiently. Most organizations (73%) offer mental health benefits, but the reality is that few excel at addressing mental health issues or taking preventative measures to reduce workplace stress.  A large majority (82%) of human resources (HR) professionals agree,…

“Do you like essential oils?” Is NOT a Legitimate Interview Question!

After being twenty minutes late for our long-awaited connection, she opened the conversation with: “About me, prior to coming here, I worked at a day spa.” “Do you like essential oils?” “I feel like we’ve met before?” “Oh, November is your birthday? That’s Sagittarius, I’m a stereotypical Capricorn.” “Do you have any pets or young children? Good, because we work super long hours.” “I’m…

The ADA Says You Get to Decide What Job Functions Are ‘Essential’

About a year ago, I blogged here about a litigation attorney with the State of Louisiana. She has a “disability” under the Americans with Disabilities Act. On account of her illness, the U.S. Department of Justice accommodated the litigator by allowing her to telecommute from home temporarily, hoping to eventually reintegrate her into the office.

A Life Strategy Is As Essential As Business Strategy

Realizing workforce potential is an urgent business topic today, yet while many ideas are offered, a sustainable framework remains elusive. Constant change is the new normal; building solutions for HR and organizational design, strategically, must be both simple and adaptive.