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10 Recruitment Terms You Must Know

The recruitment industry has seen a complete transformation in the last few years. If you work in or are related to the recruitment field, you should be aware of the recruitment terms. In this article, I am sharing the top 10 recruitment terms that are commonly used in recruitment operations.

5 Steps to Creating a Successful Employer Branding Strategy

Employer brand is the reputation of a company from a potential employer’s perspective. The employer brand is the identity of a company as an employer of choice. Employer brand is what set your company among the best places to work. It’s a means used to generate or attract new workforce and also to communicate with existing employees. Employer brand monitoring is the key to…

PepsiCo: Employment Brands Are Just As Important As Consumer Brands

Quite recently, we came across an article on Marketing Week written by PepsiCo head of employer branding in Europe and sub-saharan Africa, Rebecca Gloyne. In the article, she insists on companies putting more effort in employer branding, something that is rarely done and yet has been the downfall of companies marked as significant players in various industries.