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How to handle performance-review disputes

Employees are not required to sign a performance evaluation they disagree with, so letting them write a rebuttal may be the best solution to a disputed review, lawyer Jonathan Segal says. “This may help the employer in the event the employee ultimately is discharged. It shows the employee was given guidance on how to improve but decided he or she was beyond improvement,” Segal…

Why conflict beats collaboration

Companies that shy away from conflict and aim to create safe spaces for brainstorming are unlikely to generate big ideas, writes Kate Vitasek. The aim should be to critically test ideas and adopt the best ones, not to come up with concepts everyone can agree with, Vitasek explains. “Collaboration is great, but applying too much of it to the marketplace of ideas creates groupthink,”…

Can employers require workers to be respectful?

The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that employers can’t require workers to have respect for each other, because doing so could limit workers’ ability to discuss their working conditions, says Jon Hyman, a employment lawyer. Employers still need to have a policy that limits liability for harassment and states that there will be no tolerance for abuse and bullying, Hyman says

How can you bring your employees closer?

Find a subject that makes everyone realize they need to LEARN, not teach, dictate or lead. Work together to discover information about that topic. In addition to being fun, it may have surprising effects over time in creative brainstorming, strategy and customer relations, while bringing your team closer together.