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Cisco: Divide and Conquer

Cisco Systems has divided its HR department into tactical and strategic wings, which improved employee satisfaction and cut costs, company officials say. The move enabled talent professionals to focus more on workforce planning, career plans and setting goals and metrics to meet the overall business strategy, says Don McLaughlin, vice president of employee experience.

Keep it simple when it comes to company mission statements

Getting employees on board with the company mission starts with a simple, clear message, says Eileen Martinson, CEO of Sparta Systems. “If you have to come in and show me 45 charts and go through a lot of mumbo jumbo that neither of us understands, it’s not going to work. Tell me the story,” she says.

Helping your average employees find inspiration

Average employees — those who do their jobs but give little more — aren’t necessarily a problem, Steve Errey writes. It’s worthwhile to figure out what inspires these employees so you can try to give them projects they’re passionate about. But it’s also true an average employee might be a reliable individual who may stick around for a long time.

Little things can make work fun

Yoga, goofy recruiting videos and an office dog are elements of the office culture at Litzky Public Relations in Hoboken, N.J. “I want my employees to be fulfilled both personally and professionally, and if that means they need to take classes or have yoga in the conference room, that’s what we do,” Michele Litzky says.

Four Ways to Make Employees Your Greatest Asset

A business’ employees have the potential to be its greatest asset. Developing loyal, skilled employees with a passion for the business doesn’t happen on its own and requires a concerted effort. It’s an effort that can make a world of difference when it comes to the success and reputation of a company. Here are four ways you can start investing in what could be…

Checkout the Employee Perks at Dropbox

In this episode of Secret Valley, Bloomberg Businessweek’s Ashlee Vance looks at Dropbox, a cloud services company that is among the latest technology companies to choose downtown San Francisco over an office space in Silicon Valley. Cooler than Google? You be the judge, but be wary that Dropbox has a dinosaur that’s listening to your answer. [responsive_vid]

Treat your workers like you’d want to be treated

The best leaders empathize with employees and treat them accordingly, writes Daniel Ryan. That can mean giving them more flexible schedules, scheduling time for conversations, or simply making a point of celebrating birthdays with enthusiasm. “The sentiment is an old one, but treating your team the way you’d want to be treated in their position is the core of all of these,” Ryan writes.