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Here’s what is most important in today’s employment market

In the past year, the job market continued to roar back, but some older workers still struggled to find employment. More local companies told employees to go home and stay home to work. People looked for yet more ways to be productive in that never-ending quest to balance the demands of the office with the rest of life.Over the past 12 months, I talked…

Is Your Company Ready to Compete for Talent ?

Over the past couple years, we’ve been talking about employee engagement, war for talent, and retention. These issues are important and businesses need to pay attention. But there’s one more issue that I want to point out. It’s connected to all three of these issues. It has to do with management knowledge and skills.

Uncovering the truth about employee engagement

Employee engagement is a concern for many entrepreneurs, but figuring out which tactics work can be difficult. This article attempts to separate fact from fiction by providing real-world examples of companies that have dealt with negative online reviews, generational gaps and other engagement issues.