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Dice Upgrades its Email Alert System

Tech job board Dice has launched IntelliSearch Jobs and Alerts, which automatically deliver­­ the most relevant opportunities to tech professionals based on their Dice Candidate Profile. … The post Dice Upgrades its Email Alert System appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

When Robots Read Your Email

Are your email open rates mysteriously going up? Engagement flat or declining? It’s not just you. It’s because robots are reading your email. Ok. Not … The post When Robots Read Your Email appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

How to Clean Up Your Email List

The cornerstone of a successful email marketing program is a solid list. And whether you’re planning to send emails to clients, candidates or both, you … The post How to Clean Up Your Email List appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

HR Email Open Rates

Getting employees to open HR emails can be daunting. Here is some advice to improve open rate… The post HR Email Open Rates appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Finding Success in Your Q4 Email Strategy

Read Time1 Minute, 49 Second Sending an email in Q4 can seem intimidating. With so many emails coming in around the holidays – from Black Friday to family greetings – it can seem as though your email might get lost in the crowd. However, there is a right time and strategy for sending email that can still land you the results you want –…

The One Email Marketing Factor You’re Overlooking

“Consistency is key.” It’s repeated so often, the saying almost becomes noise. However, in email marketing, this phrase is a cold hard fact. With over 306 billion emails1 estimated to be sent this year, how can you stay in front of your audience (and out of the spam filter)? One easy way is to be consistent with your mailing schedule. The last thing you…

Candidate Email Automation Disasters: Thanks, But No Thanks

Know what makes our industry look bad? Most candidate email automation, but especially saying “thanks, but no thanks” as an automatic reply to a job. We know candidates are putting it all on the line. I mean, no one wakes up and decides to quit their corporate jobs with great benefits and bonuses.  It takes vulnerability. Risk. That “change” thing we all fear so much.  Yet,…

Successfactors – How to configure “Thought of the Day” daily morning email notification to all employees

I am Anandhu S, Successfactors Consultant – Blueprint Technologies, Bangalore. Here I would like to explain the process of configuring daily scheduled automated Thought of the Day email notifications to all employees in Successfactors instance.   PURPOSE Daily morning a new positive quote will always give a positive vibe to humans which will reflect throughout the day. Here we can use Successfactors as a…

Link Building Email Example (member only)

This post was originally published on this site I received the email below in an attempt to get… You must be a member in to view this content. Login or Join Up. The post Link Building Email Example (member only) appeared first on Job Board Consulting – job board consultant. Read Complete Article The post Link Building Email Example (member only) appeared first on…

Front Raises USD $59 Million To Rethink Email and Collaboration at Work

This post was originally published on this site Every time I read about the pending death of email I have to laugh,partly because the message is commonly delivered via a newsletter in my Inbox and partly because whether it’s in day to day operations, marketing, or any facet of communications and collaboration email is still one of the overwhelming parts of my day. […]…

Using Email Activity as a Performance Metric!

So, the other day I was reading this article by Josh Bersin. You know Josh, right? Bersin by Deloitte, big time voice in the HR Industry for decades. Josh might be one of the most recognizable thought leaders in our space. He recently left Deloitte and is back on his own. Josh has forgotten more about HR than I’ve ever known. I’ve probably met Josh…

The Email Every Employee Wishes They Sent After Leaving!

Please raise your hand if you have ever drafted an email that you desperately wanted to fire off to your entire organization, or leadership, only to delete it, so to not ruin your career? I know most of you have because sometimes, in HR, we get to deal with those poor souls who didn’t have the willpower to push ‘Delete’ and instead pushed ‘Send’….

Email is Where Your Strategy Goes to Die

In my last article, Turn Your Talent Failures into Wins – Part 1, we dove into how our best intentions of planning for the New Year go just as well as our plan for using our gym memberships – they don’t. I know, it sounds almost too simple but the fact is that effectively planning is half the battle to having a killer talent…