Your EEOC Job Posting Statements are Hurting Your Diversity Hiring!

Employers discriminate in hiring. This is a fact. It’s been a fact for generations. It’s the main reason anti-discrimination statements show up on job postings. That and it’s the law for Public employers and Government contractors who are required to have these statements. Many private employers use these as well to show they don’t discriminate in hiring. For fifty years we’ve seen these statements…

Avoid EEOC Trouble By Smart Hiring, Sound Procedures and Soft Skills

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) resolved 99,109 employment discrimination claims in fiscal year 2017, resulting in $398 million in compensation paid to claimants. Of the claims resolved, 47% were for retaliation by an employer against a complaining employee. These statistics suggest we are witnessing two phenomena related to the EEOC claims:

EEOC Sues to Protect Recovering Addict

As the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s fiscal year was coming to a close, the agency filed a slew of discrimination lawsuits. One that caught my eye involves an employer that allegedly rescinded an offer of employment once it found out the individual was using prescription drugs to treat his prior heroin addiction.

EEOC to Ratchet Up Scrutiny of Gig Economy Employers

This week the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission approved an updated Strategic Enforcement Plan (SEP) for fiscal years 2017–2021, setting out its priorities and strategies for the near term. The SEP builds on a prior plan issued in December 2012, which guided EEOC activity for the past four years.

Kmart settles with EEOC for $102,000

Kmart has agreed to pay $102,048 to settle an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claim that its treatment of an employee with kidney disease violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. The EEOC said Kmart had refused to hire a man at a Maryland store because he said he could not provide a urine sample for drug screening. Kmart admitted no wrongdoing in reaching the settlement.