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US job openings at 14-year high

U.S. employers advertised the most job openings in nearly 14 years in November, the Labor Department said Tuesday. Employers have been slow to fill their openings for most of the recovery, but that started to change last year as companies ramped up their overall hiring.

Wages stagnate despite improved economy

Unemployment is down to 6.1%, layoffs are way down and 2.5 million jobs were added over the past year, according to The Associated Press. Despite these strong numbers, hourly pay has increased only 2%. The disparity may be due to the number of people searching for full-time employment, experts say.

Texas led the nation’s private-sector job growth in April

Once again, Texas led the nation’s private-sector job growth in April, adding 29,080 private-sector jobs, according to monthly estimates released today by ADP payroll processor. The state added a less-than-expected 9,100 total jobs in March, but that number probably will be revised next week.

Upcoming jobs report to show if economy is ready to rock

The U.S. employment report for March is expected to show a bigger pop after mediocre gains in the prior three months. A larger increase would soothe investors and uphold the widely held belief that harsh weather is the cause of slower hiring. Yet another subpar month of job creation would sow fresh anxiety that the pace of economic growth has slowed again.