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Robota.ua’s domain owner publicly claims ownership of site

Vladimir Maksimov has publicly claimed his ownership of domain name Robota.ua. “Robota” is the Ukrainian name for “Rabota”; as of June 2021, Rabota.ua is the No.3 recruitment classified in Ukraine. At the end of 2018, the court granted Robota ownership of the domain, but Maksimov maintains the site is his.

JianZhiMao acquires new domain

Chinese temp work marketplace JianZhiMao has acquired the domain Luyong.com, according to an announcement issued yesterday. ZhaoCaiMao began testing the LuYong brand — a “long-term temping” marketplace — in 2017, and fully launched it as an app in 2018. LuYong already claims to have over 100,000 users. 

Want a job-board domain? Click …

A woman who has accumulated more than 2,500 domain names for recruitment sites has put them up for sale. And she built a website to sell them. The post Want a job-board domain? Click … appeared first on AIM Group.