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How to Write the Best Staffing Website Copy

Your website copy is critically important. Good copy will generate interest while increasing inquiries from candidates and potential clients. It should never be an afterthought … The post How to Write the Best Staffing Website Copy appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Tips For Writing WIIFM Copy

When writing copy for a website, brochure, sell sheet, blog post, etc. here are some tips: WIIFM? Most people’s initial thought is to write about themselves/their company…they should write thinking about their audience first. What does the audience want? As they read your material, they are reading to find out what will benefit them (i.e. “What’s In It For Me?”), so let them know!…

You Can’t Copy Culture

I want our company to be just like Zappos! No you don’t. First, Zappos has a very strong culture, of which, most people couldn’t handle or wouldn’t like.  They hire very specific talent based on this cultural fit and desire to be in their certain culture, it’s not for everyone.  Now drink. Yep, that’s the new game sweeping the nation at HR and Recruiting…