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Lawsuits Claim Monster Officials Had Conflict of Interest

Two shareholder lawsuits have been filed against Monster, charging the deal to sell the company to the Dutch staffing giant Randstad “is the result of an unfair process and provides the Company’s stockholders with inadequate consideration,” in the words of one of the lawsuits.

Managerial Skill #27: Deflating Conflict Like Corporate Gandhi

Talent pros across the country have spent most of early 2016 trying to figure out how to basically just keep up. Escalating wages, tight labor markets and (mostly) good economic indicators. All we have to do is recruit and hire, retain top performers, set the right compensation, run a comprehensive but affordable benefits program and make sure everyone gets along. You got it, boss….

Why conflict beats collaboration

Companies that shy away from conflict and aim to create safe spaces for brainstorming are unlikely to generate big ideas, writes Kate Vitasek. The aim should be to critically test ideas and adopt the best ones, not to come up with concepts everyone can agree with, Vitasek explains. “Collaboration is great, but applying too much of it to the marketplace of ideas creates groupthink,”…