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New HR Tech: Circa, HackerRank, ProvenBase

Circa is pleased to announce the launch of Circa AAP Powered by Affirmity, an intuitive, easy-to-use solution for preparing 100% technically compliant, audit-ready AAPs, simplifying … The post New HR Tech: Circa, HackerRank, ProvenBase appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Circa: the Interview

LocalJobNetwork, a company which owns 600+ local job sites recently rebranded to “Circa” (circaworks.com) and I sat down with their CEO Patrick Sheahan for an interview. Check it; The post Circa: the Interview appeared first on Job Board Consulting – job board consultant. The post Circa: the Interview appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Circa Acquires America’s Job Exchange

MILWAUKEE, July 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Circa today announced the purchase of Andover, MA-based America’s Job Exchange (AJE). America’s Job Exchange is a leading provider of diversity recruitment and OFCCP compliance technology solutions in the U.S and as of the close of the sale becomes part of Circa. “The acquisition of America’s Job Exchange is an important strategic step for Circa,” said Patrick Sheahan, Chief Executive Officer for Circa….

LocalJobNetwork Rebrands as Circa

LocalJobNetwork, a company which operates 600+ local job boards has announced a rebrand as Circa. The company’s research shows that employers are shifting from diversity as a program to diversity as a business strategy. This repositioning better aligns its products and solutions to a core underlying diversity mission.  Circa’s new mission states that diverse teams have the power to transform business and has substantial…

Don’t Drown! Rules For Success circa 1987

When I was a child in Maine, we lived on a lake. My parents were very conscious of the dangers regarding children and water, and so there were often conversations about how to stay safe. Four water safety rules still stand out. First, learn how to swim. We were swimming without a flotation device out to our float by the age of four. Second,…