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VIDEO: “No Scrubs” with Charlie Judy on Discriminating Against Boring People

Check out the latest episode of No Scrubs below as Dawn Burke and her guest Charlie Judy, founder of WorkXO, dig in on her blog post, Can I Discriminate Against Boring People? Yes. Yes I Can. Dawn stands by her claim that candidates who throw away their shot and make her fall asleep in their video interviews should be passed by, and Charlie backs her up with his belief that…

VIDEO: Charlie Judy on Overcomplicating the Idea of Candidate Experience

On this episode of “No Scrubs,” host Dawn Burke talks to Charlie Judy, Founder and CEO of TruWork, on the topic of candidate experience—specifically… is it a bunch of crap? Burke and Judy dive in deep and discuss if the concept of candidate experience should even be on par—in level of importance—with other HR hot-button issues. Judy doesn’t think it should be over-engineered, but he does…

VIDEO: Charlie Judy on Honing Your “Gut Instinct” with Data

In the video above, Tim Sackett talks to Baker Tilly CHRO, Charlie Judy, on his unique perspective and background when it comes to considering data in evaluating your workforce. Judy, who is also a CPA in addition to an SPHR, discusses his viewpoint on using people data points in HR, as influenced by his background in what is traditionally known as a data-driven industry–the bottom-line world of BIZness….